Our Process

Clepper Consulting Group, LLC has a proven track record of delivering results for its clients. Our practice does not attempt to overwhelm your company with unnecessary people or unmanageable change. The consultation services you need will be delivered effectively and will provide value to your company, employees and customers.

We address our clients’ operating challenges by analyzing their current business practices within the organization, understanding their relative strengths, and developing functional process improvement initiatives through:

  • Confirming ownership commitment to develop a plan to improve operating income
  • An analysis of your company to determine its strengths and weaknesses within your segment of the transportation industry
  • Reviewing recent operating income statements
  • Assessing senior management team strength
  • Analyzing performance to plan for the operating management team
  • Interviewing employees to determine cultural issues that impact operating plan
  • Determining impact of sales (and marketing) team on company revenue
  • Development of strategic operating plan to improve operating income within the culture and capability of the management team
  • Confirming tactical initiatives in support of the operating plan
  • Establish regular meeting agenda to conform process integrity
    - Plan
    - Execute
    - Validate
    - Correct course of action to conform to plan
    - Commitment to success
  • Continued involvement with your organization as you may require

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